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Tip of the Month

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) is No Laughing Matter.

-An individual with hypertension has an increased risk of suffering from a stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure.

Symptoms of Hypertension- There are usually no symptoms or signs.  Nearly one-third of those who have it do not know.  The only definite way to know whether or not you have hypertension is to have your blood pressure checked by your doctor.   

What is "Normal" Blood Pressure?
            Normal-                             <120/80
            Prehypertension -            120-139/80-89
            Stage 1 hypertension-    140-159/90-99
            Stage 2 hypertension-    >160/>100

What can I do to help prevent hypertension?
    1.  Lifestyle changes- lose weight if you are overweight
    2.  Keep your BMI below 25 
            -exercise regularly
    3.  Do what's fun! Be active for 30 minutes every day.
    4.  Eat a healthy diet
            -less fat and salt
            -more fruits, vegetables and fiber
    5.  Avoid Smoking
    6.  If you have Diabetes, keep your blood sugar under control

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