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Here is what our patients have to say about ANEW:

"I liked the friendly attitude of the Doctor and staff.  My welfare was the most important thing to them." -Kozinchik, J. 

"My back problem (pain) has tremendously improved with treatment!" -Wong, D

"I liked the environment, location, varied treatments and pictures of exercises to take home." -Thomas, T

"Everyone is really friendly at Anew and she really cares about the treatment she provides.  Not to mention she is up to date on all the latest physical therapy techniques. .. I feel very good about the treatment she has suggested and provided me with."
-Anderson, S.   

"(enjoyed best about experience) Learning how to incorporate exercises into my daily routine rather than having to set aside a period of time for them.  
This is a bright, upbeat, happy facility where every effort is made to make this work for you, individually.  The goal is to find something you actually will do.  Dr. Alicia has the perfect, positive approach.  Check it out!" -Cytron, N. 

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