Anew Physical Therapy, Ergonomics and Wellness Studio
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Providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees in today’s working environment is more important than ever.  On the job injuries sideline valuable employees and waste financial resources.  Improving workplace safety protects employees and allows businesses to better manage their performance.

Anew’s ergonomic programs establish plans specific to your company’s needs to promote a safe environment and healthy work habits.  Our services include:

-Ergonomic work site analysis, office ergonomics, laboratory settings, health care and industrial sites"

-Customized training to individual or groups on safe work techniques

-Management training on identification of risk factors and cost effective solutions

-Assist with implementation and maintenance of ergonomic program

-Development of proactive therapeutic exercise programs

Anew Physical Therapy
Ergonomics and Wellness Studio

2447 Santa Clara Ave. Suite 205
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 521-3746


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