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Balance Retraining

Balance is a complex process that depends on three major sensory systems: vision, musculoskeletal and the inner ear.

Anew Physical Therapy offers Balance Retraining Therapy (BRT).  This is a specialized form of physical therapy to decrease, if not eliminate symptoms of movement-related dizziness and imbalance.  This is done through a customized “hands-on” approach.  Anew Physical therapy will also address such issues as; decreased strength, loss of range of motion, muscle tension, anxiety and fatigue that can be affecting your balance.

An initial evaluation will be performed that will include the following:

-A detail history of patient’s symptoms and past medical history

-A musculoskeletal assessment for strength, range of motion, flexibility and soft tissue dysfunction

-Neurological testing (reflexes, proprioception and sensation)

-Balance and specialized vestibular test (dynamic and static)

-Assessment of eye and head movements

-A plan of care will be tailored to the individual’s needs as identified from the evaluation and it will include a home exercise program

Anyone can fall, but the risks are greater if:

-taking 4 or more medications

-inability to stand on one leg for at least 5 seconds (decreased balance)

-multiple health problems
-loss of strength, flexibility and/or sensation in the legs

-poor posture

-fluctuation in blood pressure

-history of dizziness and/or vertigo (spinning sensation)

If you are experiencing any of these signs please give us a call.

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